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About Us

The ravages of alcohol dependence and other drug addictions were readily evident to me in my 25 years of emergency room practice experience. I saw firsthand how the national  “treat the pain” directives mandated to physicians in the 1990s led to so many opiate addicted patients.

Now, I hope to be a resource to those patients trying to free themselves from  the chains of opiate addiction. Fox Valley Medical Oasis is an office based addiction treatment setting serving patients in the Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Fox Valley, and surrounding areas.. This allows patients to maintain a work / home schedule without having to physically report to a facility every one to two days for medication assisted treatments (M.A.T.).  We provide addiction care on an appointment basis that is convenient and effective.

At FVMO, we understand that addiction is a chronic disease requiring professional medical treatment just like other diseases. We work closely with local care partners to ensure patients get a full array of care customized to meet their unique needs. We help our patients achieve the lives they want and deserve, and every patient is treated with respect and compassion – always.

We know our patients did not choose to suffer from addiction and we are passionate about providing effective treatment that will allow them to achieve the lives they want and deserve – one of compassion, integrity and honesty.

Call or email to book a consultation. *We do not accept Badger Care, Medicaid, or Medicare